Surna 300PPD Dehumidifier, Air-Cooled

Surna 300PPD Dehumidifier, Air-Cooled
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A result of our design and engineering experience, this revolutionary commercial-grade dehumidifier is optimized for the indoor garden environment. Most efficient at 40-60% humidity and 78-82° F, the Surna Dehumidifier is a powerhouse in the garden. By using a lower evaporator temperature than other dehumidifiers, the Surna Dehumidifier is able to collect more condensate, resulting in less moisture in the air. Rated at 300 pints per day, the Surna Dehumidifier removes up to three times the moisture from the air as other dehumidifiers at this price point currently used in indoor gardens. Because the Surna Dehumidifer was designed for use in indoor gardens, it will actually remove the 300 ppd that it is rated for.

The Surna Dehumidifier is a stand-alone product that does not require a Surna cooling system to work, nor does it require ducting. No matter the external environment, all grow rooms need dehumidification. This is due to transpiration. All water used on plants will end up in the air in the grow room - plants don’t actually absorb water, just the nutrients found within. Once they are done, the excess water is evaporated off through transpiration - ultimately ending up in the air of the grow. Excess moisture in the air results in slow plant growth and creates a breeding ground for mold and other pathogens.

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