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Business Accounts

What is a Business Account? 

Business Account Application

Do you operate a business that uses cultivation supplies? If yes, let's get you signed up for a business account.  We offer our business account holder premium pricing in addition to supply chain management support. Just fill out this downloadable form and submit it to kate@naturalordersupply.com to get the conversation started.

  • Natural Order Supply helps you save your time and money by offering low prices and comprehensive offerings.
  • We help you with the supply chain management aspect of your supply needs so that you can focus on the internal operations of your cultivation operation.
  • We are happy to set up automatic reoccurring purchase orders for our customers and will call a few days in advance to make sure you still want to proceed with the re-order products.
  • We typically save our wholesale customers between 20 to 45% off MRSP.

Please let us know what is important to you with this survey.

Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Account Application

  • A wholesale account is for an entity that has a valid resellers license. You must be registered with state and federal entities, i.e., a valid Sales Tax Permit is required.
  • Participation in the wholesale account program is fast and easy. Just fill out the downloadable form and submit it to kate@naturalordersupply.com.


Discounts For Heroes

Natural Order Supply is a proud supporter of the Heroes Home Advantage Program which extends a discount of 15% off instore purchase's to our Heroes with proof of service. Who qualifies for these discounts?

  • Firefighters

  • Health Care/Doctors/Nurses

  • First Responders

  • Active and Retired Military & Veterans

  • Teachers

  • Law Enforcement