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Gavita Pro 1000e DE (600-1150 Watt) 120/240 Volt

Gavita Pro 1000e DE (600-1150 Watt) 120/240 Volt
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The best just got better. The Pro 1000e DE is the new e-series flagship model. Together with the Pro 1000e DE Gavita also introduces its Pro plus 1000W Electronic lamp, with 2100 umol s-1 output. So now you have a choice of lamps as well. You can control up to 80 fixtures with a Gavita Master controller without the need for timers and contactors. All e-series fixtures are plug and play installable and come with the control cords to daisy chain them to the controller. The Pro 1000e can light 21 sq ft with 1000 ┬Ámol s-1 m-2. Unit includes a 240 V power cord. A 120 V cord can be purchased separately. 1 year warranty on the lamp.
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