How Natural Order Supply Helps Your Garden

  • Business Accounts for Cultivation Businesses

    To help commercial cultivators operate more effectively, we offer supply chain management services and Business Accounts. The Business Account Program gives participants significant discounts off of MSRP.

  • High Quality

    We only stock products we’ve vetted and believe in. 

  • Simplify Your Orders

    We source from a wide range of vendors so you don’t have to, stocking everything you need for a commercial cultivation operation. You make one order, receive one invoice, and need only one call to have any of your questions answered.

  • Automatic Reorder Program

    You tell us what you need, how much of it, and by when - we will ensure it arrives where you want with no hassle.


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We Appreciate Your Business!

Pricing on Featured Products is representative of our Business Account Program pricing.

Ez-Clone 128 Low Pro White
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